Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunset Plate

“Remember, little things in life can wait; the sunset won’t” 

Items used in this Transmog & Source:

Crown of Empowered Fate – Black Temple
Glorious Shoulder Pads – Mid level 50 World Drop
Conqueror’s Breatplate – BC level 70 Drop
Fiery Plate Gauntlets – Blacksmithing
Revenant Girdle – level 50ish World Drop
Replica Lightforge Legplates – Barum, Vendor on Darkmoon Island

See this set on other race models: WoWhead Item Comparison of this set

Alternative weapons:

Treant's Bane - Gordok Tribute, Dire Maul & Ruthless Gladiator's Bonegrinder - PVP

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