Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look like an NPC - Thassarian Transmog

I was walking out of the Inn in Stormwind today when something caught my eye. At first I thought an NPC was on the loose visiting the city. Thassarian himself, the first Death Knight to rejoin the Alliance, was standing right there by the mail box! Ok, well maybe not the REAL Thassarian, but boy was I fooled for a moment. Seriously, this guy was spot-on. Not only was his mog an exact replica of what you'll find Thassarian wearing in Acherus, but his hair and beard...and even his name was exactly the same! See for yourself on: Thassarian's Armory link.

Thassarian (NPC) as seen in Acherus & Thassarian (Elune-US) in Stormwind
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Most of the items used for this transmog were farmed out of Normal Trial of the Champion, although a couple of pieces come out of the Heroic version. Thassarian informed me that in order to gain all of the pieces early on he froze his exp at 80 and queued for Trail of the Champion via LFD repeatedly until he got everything he needed. The shoulders he obtained from a friend, but shoulders with the same look can also drop in ToC. It took him about 2-3 weeks total to put the set together. 

Items used in this Transmog & Source:

Wapach's Spaulders of Solidarity - Wotlk dungeon trash/raid drop
or (Alternative shoulders) Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates - Eadric's Cache, Trail of the Champion (Heroic)  
Deathchill Cloak - Tailoring (420)
Breatplate of the Imperial Joust - Confessor's Cache/Eadric's Cache, Trail of the Champion (Normal)
Gauntlets of the Stouthearted Crusader - Eadric's Cache, Trial of the Champion (Normal)
Girdle of Arrogant Downfall - The Black Knight, Trail of the Champion (Normal)
or (Alternative belt) Soul-Sealed Belt - from rare spawn Vigdis the War Maiden, Howling Fjord
Legplates of Relentless Onslaught - Confessor's Cache/Eadric's Cache, Trail of the Champion (Normal)
Plated Greaves of Providence - Confessor's Cache, Trail of the Champion (Heroic)
Endbringer - The Black Stalker, Underbog (Heroic) (Thassarian can be found dual-wielding this sword in several different places in game, including: Western Plaguelands, aboard The Skybreaker in Icecrown and in ICC.)

Thassarian (NPC) aboard The Skybreaker in Icecrown & Thassarian (Elune-US) with Endbringer
I'd like to thank Thassarian for taking the time to chat with me about this lovely mog. The time and effort put into it totally paid off. 

Both Thassarians showing off their Deathchill Cloak


  1. That is epic indeed! Bravo to Thassarian, and many thanks for letting Euphyley show off your hard work to a broader audience!

  2. That is amazing! I can see why you'd do a double-take on seeing him walking around town.

  3. Thassy of Elune?!April 15, 2013 at 4:09 AM

    Aw man, you make me sound way cooler than I actually am! Thank you for such an awesome post, really! I'm so glad someone actually noticed who the hell I was named and mogged after hehe. I sometimes like to stand next to the NPC in Western Plaguelands (while rocking tier 9 w/ ToC10m belt and boots as he wears in WPL) just to screw with people. I like to chase them and yell things too. Boredom at its finest!


  4. Wow, that's amazing! He did a spot-on job of looking like Thassarian!

  5. That is so cool! What a great job on that mog and he looks fantastic, good work!