Friday, February 8, 2013

Build an Amateur - The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest

Round three of JD's Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest was a little different. Here is what he asked us to do: "In order to make the final two you’re going to pretend your part of the Blizzard development team.  You’re going to design an NPC of me.  Any race you want, however you see fit.  All I’m going to ask is you include a brief description of the character so that I know what you were aiming to achieve."

I probably went through about 20 different outfits for this particular round, and I had the hardest time landing on a race. By the time I finally decided what I was going to submit I ended up with a brief description of the character looking something like this:

"I figured goblin suited you because they seem a little shifty to me (something shifty only seemed to fit given the evil nature of this round). So anyway I figured being pretty much the king of transmog contests that your npc should be dressed good, so I totally pimped him out. This goblin is stylin’ and ready to judge some outfits! Oh, and to add a little bit of badassness to the look (cause we all know your a little badass) I threw in some brass knuckles so nobody would mess with ya!"

Items used in this Transmog & Source:

Stylin' Adventure Hat - Leatherworking (350)
Mantle of the Desert's Fury - Princess Yauj, AQ40
Black Dragonscale Breastplate - Leatherworking (290)
Sentry's Gloves - level 25 - 30 world drop
Impenetrable Bindings - level 50 - 55 world drop
Vindicator's Chain Girdle - vendor Kayri, Isle of Quel'Danas
Bloodmail Legguards - used to drop in Scholomance (unfortunately no longer available in game)
Pillager's Boots - level 30 - 35 world drop
Stylish Black Shirt - sold by Lisbeth Schneider, Stormwind City
Heavy Iron Knuckles - Jewelcrafting (125)

See this transmog on other race models: Wowhead item comparison of this set

Check out how the other entrants portrayed JD and the results of round 3 here: The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest Round 3 -  Build an Amateur


  1. This is such a great outfit. I love all these other poses -- such wonderful expressions! :D

    1. Thanks Kamalia. =)

      The first two expressions are totally what I imagined JD doing irl when he was thinking up round 3. hehe

  2. Haha, this is great, that JD does always have something up his sleeve ;)