Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jade Demon Hunter

Yet another Demon Hunter outfit I came up with, this one with a bit of a jade twist. ~

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Items used in this transmog & Source:

Cursed Vision of Sargeras - Illidan Stormrage, Black Temple
Swift Wind Spaulder - quest reward from Take Down Tethyr! (Alliance)
Cutthroat's Vest - level 35ish world drop
Troublesome Gloves - quest reward from Big Trouble in Moonbrook (Alliance)
Rigid Bracelets - level 15-20 world drop
Mar'at Belt - quest reward from Venomblood Antidote
Windscale Sarong - Shade of Hakkar, Sunken Temple
Edgewalker Longboots - Moroes, Karazhan
Faded Forest Saber - Various vendors in  The Jade Forest & Valley of the Four Winds

See this transmog on other race models: WoWhead item comparison of this set

Some alternative weapon options (from left to right):

Wolf Hewer's Axe - quest reward from The Den Mother (Alliance)
Ghost-Forged Blade - Blacksmithing
Ghost Shard - Blacksmithing