Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moggin' with Tabards - Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard (Mail)

My next "Moggin' with Tabards" transmog is another featuring the Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard; this one is for the mail-wearing classes.

Most pieces in this set can be found right on the auction house if your server has a decent economy. The pieces that can't be purchased on the ah are all fairly easy to obtain as well.

Items used in this Transmog & Source:

Pillager's Crown - level 35ish world/dungeon trash drop
Phalanx Spaulders - level 30 - 35ish world drop (most commonly dropped from rares around this level)
Farstrider Defender's Cloak - JP vendor G'eras, Shattrath City
Sandstalker Breastplate - Leatherworking (300)
Enduring Gauntlets - level 35ish world/dungeon trash drop
Formidable Bracers - level 45 - 50ish world/dungeon trash drop
Formidable Belt - level 45 - 50ish world/dungeon trash drop
Rift Stalker Leggings (Hunters only) - Fathom-Lord Karathress, Serpentshrine Cavern
The Darkspeaker's Sabatons - quest reward from Mind Tricks
Miracoran, the Vehement Chord - Shared Boss Drop, Throne of Thunder (Raid Finder)
Ironfeather Longbow (not pictured) - quest reward from The Path to the Dragon Soul

See this transmog on other race models: Wowhead item comparison of this set

Some alternative weapons & leggings for those sexy shaman:

Ice Spire Scepter - Malygos, Eye of Eternity (10)
Titansteel Guardian - Blacksmithing (440)
Urn of Lost Memories - Gluth, Naxxramas (25)

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