Monday, December 9, 2013

Moggin' with Tabards - Tabard of the Hand, Mail (Sam's Transmog Contest)

This was my third entry for Sam's Transmog Contest, which was to design a transmog to go with Tabard of the Hand.

This particular mog could be worn by both shaman and hunters. Hunters would obviously need to switch out the mace & off-hand for a bow or gun, but otherwise all pieces can be obtained and worn by both classes.

When I was putting this mog together, I used the same color blending method as I did with my Leather entry, with one difference. For the leather transmog I used shades of orange that were a lot lighter and closer to the colors actually used in the tabard. For this one I went for a much brighter and dramatic fade, again with darker shades starting at the bottom and gradually getting lighter as you move up the set. I was ultimately happier with how the leather mog came out, but I am still quite fond of this one too.

Items used in this Transmog & Source:

Lord's Pauldrons - most commonly dropped off of level 50ish rares
Mutant Scale Breastplate - Mutanus the Devourer, Wailing Caverns
Edgemaster's Handguards - level 50ish world drop
Fetters of Death - Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, Mogu'shan Vaults
Orcish War Leggings - Blacksmithing (230)
Mercurial Greaves - Vanilla raid trash drop/high level 50's world drop
Fool's Bane - Terestian Illhoof, Karazhan
Dungeoneering Guide - Inscription (510)

See this set on other models: Wowhead item comparison of this set

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