Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fired Up!

Nope, not dead. Just busy. Still mogging though! Here's my latest~

The good folks over at OpenRaid are holding their annual Transmog Competition right now. They've got some fun new categories/themes this year, including a "Fired Up" category which I jumped right into.

The theme requirements: "Your theme is from Firelands/Molten Core/etc and involves a fiery look and screenshot location."

My submission for the contest was built around my shaman's transmog that she's been using for the last few years. This mog was originally put together to match the Tabard of the Achiever. Her mog used so much red that I didn't have to change out too many pieces. Heck, I probably didn't need to switch out any at all, but this was a fun way for me to liven up my mog. Plus, I LOVE the conquest point shoulders. They also fit the theme perfectly, as they basically look like molten lava breaking out of the earth's crust.

Most of the pieces were fairy easy to get, coming out of low level raids or off the auction house. Unfortunately the pants and gloves are no longer obtainable though and there are no identical look-alikes in game. :( There are however, a lot of nice red gloves and pants to choose from that will match perfectly for anyone looking to create a similar set. Any of the Bloodlust pieces are the first that come to mind.

Items used in this Transmog & Source:
Stylin' Crimson Hat - Leatherworking (350)
Primal Gladiator's Ringmail Spaulders - PVP, Ashran/Stormshield Vendors 
Gauntlets of Divinity - Originally from Scarlet Monastery (no longer obtainable)
Scarlet Belt - Originally from Scarlet Monastery (now extremely low drop from Big Crate of Salvage)
Scarlet Leggings - Originally from Scarlet Monastery (no longer obtainable)
Mercurial Greaves - Vanilla raid trash drop/high level 50's world drop
Syphon of the Nathrezim - Supremus, Black Temple
Drillborer Disk - Garr, Molten Core
Here is my screenshot submission for the contest below. I chose Firelands for my location. It's all about the sky there! <3

Update: This mog placed 2nd in the "Fired Up!" theme. Woot! Winner list and mogs here: OpenRaid Transmog Competition Winners

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