Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Pet & Me

A couple of days ago I posted my first entry into this year's Transmog Competition hosted by the good folks over at OpenRaid. I am so glad that they hosted this competition, as it was a great excuse to start mogging again. Would you believe that they got over 400 entries!? I do not envy the judges one bit. They certainly have their work cut out for them.

So anywho, here is my second entry. This one is for the "My Pet & Me" category, which requires matching a transmog to your pet. I matched my mog to my green Core Hound pet, tamed in (the old) Shadowmoon Valley.

Most of the pieces for this set were put together using items I'd purchased off of the auction house. Actually, for anyone looking to recreate this look, everything but the bow can potentially be found on the AH.

Items used in this Transmog & Source:
Captain's Circlet - Most commonly drops off rares in the low level 40's
Fel Iron Chain Tunic - Blacksmithing (320)
Unyielding Fists - Level 60 - 70 (Burning Crusade) World Drop
Soldier's Girdle - Most commonly drops off rares between level 10 - 20
Kilt of Trollish Dreams - Level 80 - 85 (Cataclysm) World Drop
Elven Chain Boots - Level 50ish World Drop
Bristleblitz Striker - Archimonde, Hyjal Summit

Here is the shot that I sent in for the competition. It was taken in Shadowmoon Valley by The Hand of Gul'dan, right where I originally tamed this lovely Core Hound. I love how the colors all blend together so well, and am very pleased with the piece I submitted.

I'll share a secret with you: I probably took over 100 screen shots in this location before I FINALLY landed on one I was pleased with.


  1. Great outfit and great job matching!

    I liked your first entry but this one is my preference. I know they are different categories but I think I like this one best.

    Nice choice on location too! Good luck!

    (if this comment is duplicated, 1 - blame blogger, 2 please delete one of them)

    1. Thanks! I liked this one best as well out of the ones I submitted. Surprisingly enough though, the other one placed (2nd in the "Fired Up!" category) and this one didn't place at all. Ah well, such is the nature of a transmog contest. I'm just happy one of mine placed at all. :)

  2. That is a great looking set and I love the way you've framed that last shot!

    1. Thanks Cym. :) I've always loved the bright fel green look, and the old Shadowmoon Valley was just perfect for screenies with those green lava pools.